Part of “Kim Jong Kook and The 2 Kids” years ago but now they’re “The HaGa Brothers”. :)

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Kang Gary: The 2 Time Best Running Man, Sudden Commander and skillful Wild Card of Running Man. This friend always surprises with his skill…..

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Jae Suk and Jong Kook watching Ji Hyo’s new TV Drama….it’s really interesting! XD

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Team Jong Kook and Gary: Always obedient Gary is forced to drink 5 cans of coffee and 4 cans of coke and Jong Kook misses all of them. Gary got tired and took 1 shot…..nothing but net and a body full of caffeine lol.

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Realizing a live audience was watching after many many retries. It’s okay Haha…..Jihyo and Gaeko couldn’t help but laugh though :D hahaha.

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“I’ve decided not to go after you. I think love is something that gets more distant the more you go after it. Just stay where you are now.” - Kang Gary

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